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About us.

Our company

Company m.e.t was established in 1986, under the brand Moisiadis G. The main objective was the production of pneumatic driven machinery. A year later was established the merchandising activity of the industrial pneumatic tools and equipment. Nowdays, we keep strong business relationships and we distribute top international brands in the industrial market, such as BeA , Parise Compressori and Valco Melton. Each of them manufactures high quality products for industrial use.

met BeA About

For almost 35 years in business our company excels in industial equipment sector.

Why us?

  • Innovative machinery of the higher standards.
  • Appropriate consumables, fully compatible with the machinery and enviroment-friendly.
  • After sales support and genuine spare parts ready-to-deliver.
  • We declare the origin and the specifications of our products.
  • Our machinery range conforms with the EU directive (2006/42)

Multiannual specialization in the sectors of:

  • Industrial fastening
  • Pneumatics
  • After sales support services


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After sales support and spare parts

We supply you with genuine parts and we offer a special after sales service for our products.

met Support

- Fastening tools

We offer repair services for fastening tools of brands like: BeA, Nikema, Ez-Fasten, Ace&k, Atro, Bostich, MAX, Senco

- Adhesive systems

We supply you with spare parts and accessories for glue dispensing systems like glue pumps, heated hoses, nozzles, modules, filters. Our products are fully compatible with brands like: Valco Melton, Robatech, Nordson, Meler, Baumer HHS.

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Sofias Vempo 10, Perea
57019 Thessaloniki


  • BeA
  • Valco Melton
  • Parise Compressori